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Fitness classes

Lunch Crunch

Monday - Friday

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Mon - Cardio/ Sculpt

Tues - Sculpt

Wed - Stretch

Thurs- Cardio

Fri- Ballet Barre Fitness

The Benefits of Lunchtime Workouts

Lunchtime Workouts may not work all the time, but just one or two a week can help fill any gaps in your workout routine or help you burn a few extra calories.  A midday workout can also:


  1. Boost your mood and energy level

  2. Give you more free time for other activities after work

  3. Clear your mind- help you refocus for the rest of the day

  4. Reduces stress- Excercise is a proven way to reduce stress and is much better for you than what many of us do.  

Includes Fitness assessment, result tracking, diet and nutrition counseling and RESULTS!

Your health and happiness are worth it!

Don't make excuses.  Make Progress. 

We also have 



* We have 2 Certified Personal Trainers on staff eager to help you reach your fitness goals!!

Contact our office for more information, scheduling and prices!

Please check the current schedule or contact the studio for more infomation on our fitness class offerings.

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